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Q: Do you travel?

A: Yes! I'll go anywhere!

Q: Are you the videographer the day of my wedding?

A: Yes! Unlike some videography companies, I will personally shoot your wedding.  I will have another videographer that I have personally trained or worked with also shoot that day, but you will have my professional and creative touch for your wedding video.

Q: Is the full ceremony captured?

A: 99% No.  I will capture the best parts, such as the procession, the vows, the rings, the kiss; all the good stuff.  But we won't shoot the entire ceremony.  However, I certainly can capture your entire ceremony if that is something you really want. Just let me know!

Q: Can I get all the footage from my wedding day?

A: Yes.  We refer to this as the "RAW" footage.  Its is unedited and contains hundreds of video files.   But, if you would like to have this, I can certainly put it on a hard drive for you!  I will just have you pay for the cost of the hard drive. 

Q: Why are you prices so expensive?

A: Watch other videographers videos and you will understand. ;) I take a great amount of pride in what I do and I will make you a video that you will cherish for your lifetime!

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