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My name is David Schulta.   I started with a degree in Criminal Justice.  I once  worked as a U.S. Customs Officer, a California gold dredger, a bartender and  now I do what I love... I make films.
I love making wedding videos, and as it turns out, I'm actually good at it.
Now just because I'm good at it doesn't mean I can't do better.  I'm always trying new things and learning from those better than me.  I have an enormous amount of pride for my life, my family and my work. 

I tell every couple that their video will be my best yet.  And it's true!  Because with every year, comes new technology and new shooting techniques that I learn.  If you like any of my videos, then you're gonna love yours!

I would love to make your wedding video.  Your friends will love it.  Your family will love it. 
Most importantly though... you will love it. 

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